home remedies to prevent colon cancer

home remedies to treat colon cancer-natural treatment


Colon Cancer is said to be a disease that causes a lot of death from all around the globe. Colon cancer begins in the intestine and spreads later to other parts of the body, results in danger to life to an affected person. Some of the reasons for colon cancer in people are: History of Colon cancer in the family, heavy consumption of red meat etc.

Some of the symptoms are blood in stools, stomach pain, weight loss, anemia etc. When this type of cancer is detected in the early stages, you can certainly think of a few remedies, which will help in treating this type of cancer. Let us look at some of the home remedies to prevent colon cancer. They are as follows:


Flax seed is made from flax plant. It has numerous health benefits and is high in proteins. Consumption of flax seeds in a regular way will help in cleaning the colon as well as removal of unnecessary waste accumulated in the colon. Additionally, it also prevents the formation of colon polyps.


This home remedy has powerful antioxidants. It helps people in preventing the formation of cancer cells. Green tea is certainly effective in killing cancer cells without harming the tissues. Boil a cup of water, a teaspoon and some green tea when the water starts to boil. Leave it to boil for some minutes and then you can have it. It is essential for you to have two glasses of green tea from having colon cancer.


It is very important for you to have a lot of fruits and vegetables that are rich in fiber. These help in fighting against problems caused by colon cancer. Taking a lot of fibrous foods will keep you healthy and remove the disease called as colon cancer. It is ideal for you to have a bowl of fruits like kiwi, raspberries, apple, guava everyday to prevent this type of cancer affecting your body.


Ginger is said to be a good home remedy for reduction of risk of colon cancer in people. It has been found out that people with colon problems have seen reduction of colon inflammation on having two grams of ginger everyday for a month or so. You can have 3 or 4 cloves of garlic every single day in raw state will not only reduce the effects of colon cancer but also treat it.

You can also have 3-4 small pieces of ginger for the treatment of colon cancer.


Turmeric is notjust about for preparing foods but also for treatment of diseases, specially colon cancer. Tutmeric assists in removing the digestive tract of people and also prevents the formation of colon polyps.

  1. Eat less Red Meat:

Researchers suggest that red meat should be consumed in less quantity to avoid incidence of colon cancer. Don’t consume red meat more than 1 serving per day.

  1. Use olive oil:

Using olive oil more in diet helps to avoid colon cancer. Olive oil contains anti-cancer properties. Olive oil reduces the bile acid and promotes the enzymes which regulate cell turn over in the lining of intestines and promote healthy tissue.


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