This Is Why Moms Are A Gift

This Is Why Moms Are A Gift


Because she’ll never steal your boyfriend or talk behind your back

When dealing with the stress of school, work, and social obligations, friends are a crucial element to possess in order to retain sanity and stay happy. For me, there is no other friend in this world as important as my mother.

Below are a few reasons why moms are the best kind of friend someone can have.

1. Mothers love you unconditionally.

Even if you called her annoying or got in a screaming match the night before, your mother will never ever stop loving you.

2. She keeps all of your secrets.

Who’s better to vent to than your mother? Whether it be about boys or friend drama, you can always rest assured that your secret is safe with your mom.

3. She’s always there when you need to talk.

No matter what time of day (or night) it is, your mother will always drop everything to make sure her baby is okay.

4. Regardless of the decisions you make, your mother will never judge you.

Sure, she probably knows that the guy you’re dating is an asshole, but she was a girl once too, so she understands.

5. She loves to cook for you

Every mom has that one dish that they make better than any restaurant or professional chef.

6. … and also likes doing your laundry.

What other human being gets as much pleasure out of removing a stain from your new shirt?

7. She doesn’t mind being your taxi service.

Between school, sports, and extracurricular activities, your mom probably spends more time in a car than she does at home.

8. She gives the best hugs.

When you’re mid-emotional breakdown and just need to be held, no one is a better source of comfort than your mom.

9. She’s seen you at your worst, but it doesn’t phase her.

From the stomach bug she nursed you through in middle school to your first breakup, your mother has probably seen you at the most vulnerable points in your life, but thinks you’re gorgeous all the same.

10. Nothing grosses her out.

After having children, moms have a tendency to be exposed to some pretty repulsive health issues, but they face them like champs. Plus who hasn’t asked their mother a strange body question that they were too afraid to ask their doctor?

Overall, there is no other person in this world who will drop everything for you the way your mother will. Appreciate her always, because moms are life’s best gifts.

By Tory Drescher

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